About us?

Promocions stop is a real estate agency located in Roses, the Costa Brava. Our main goal is for you to find the house of your dreams so that you can make it yours and fill it with your memories and experiences.


A professional career of more than 40 years and two generations guarantee our customer service in everything related to the purchase of a property. From finding the ideal property for the client, going through all the procedures to finalizing the purchase, we accompany our client every step of the way


We build high-quality single-family homes, residential villas and all types of new-build homes, as well as renovations and renovations. Our houses are distinguished by their harmonious integration into the landscape, their excellent finishes and the quality guarantee that our experience in construction gives us even in the most difficult terrain situations.


Our clients fully trust us to carry out all the necessary procedures in relation to a sale: deposit contract, name changes of supplies, contracting insurance, etc …

Our history

Parada Construction was founded in 1971, we are a building firm from Roses, in the Old Emporda region of the Costa Brava. We specialize in the construction of high quality domestic homes and residential villas, and all types of accommodation, either as new builds, or as part of a restoration. Our aim is to build the best quality houses, with which our clients entrust us, combining classic architecture with some more up to the minute fittings, always bearing your comfort in mind.
We always try to create a union of the building and the countryside, maintaining the utmost respect for the virtues of the land.
What makes us different from other companies in this sector, is that we are specialists in building with natural stone, from which we extract the most benefit in the most tricky and difficult situations, integrating the house to the land. To this purpose we have official templates, and our own sculptural stone masons on our team.
We hand over the houses completely finished, co-ordinating with other contractors, be the architect, plumbers, plasterers, painters, we always use the same people, guaranteeing ourselves and you excellent quality, and some superb finishes.
Our homes are distinguished by their harmonious integration into the surrounding countryside, excellent finishing, and quality assurance that gives us our experience in construction.
Our ultimate objective is to attain excellence in each of our houses.

Ramón y Darío Parada

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